Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Introducing Lilly

Ok, so this past weekend was a holiday for my lady. She got to stay home with me for 3 days in a row! It would have been fun, but she woke me up on Saturday, and told me that we were picking up my little sister. We drove and drove for what seemed like hours (it was 2 hours) and met Lilly. Me and Lilly just ignored each other, so my lady said that was a good sign (little does she know).
So we have just be lying around the house getting to know Lilly. She doesn't do much but sit in my lady's lap. Thats about it. Lady said that Lilly is just very shy and she will come around once she gets to know us. It's all good with me, cause that way she won't play with my toys!
The pic is of me, my lady, and Lilly at the Varsity in Athens (I'm the cute puppy smiling at the camera). The man and lady ate a hot dog and french fries, and didn't give any to us. They are both mean that way. Gotta go for now, peace out peoples!

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