Friday, September 11, 2009

Training Lilly

I have told you before that I'm a good watch dog. I will lie on the arm of our couch and look out the window for any intruders. I will bark like mad if I think that my territroy is being invaded.
The other day I was keeping my usual post, when I saw the mailman. I sent out an alarm bark. As you know, I am not the only dog in the house any more. It is common knowledge that when the alpha dog sends out the alarm, the other dogs should back her up. Do you see Lilly in the picture? No. So I go up to her and tell her "When I bark like that, you need cover my back."
Yesterday the mailman came again. Whats up with him anyway? I bark at him everyday, then he gets scared off for one day, and he's back again. Ok, so I saw that mailman again, and sent out the alarm, I look over and there is Lilly right behind me. She almost knocked me off the couch. I told her, you don't literally have to cover my back, let's just say you back me up ok? Right she said.
A few minutes later, I saw someone walking down the street. I sent out another alarm. Lilly came and looked out the window with me. She didn't knock me off the couch, and she backed me up. Maybe having another dog in the house won't be as bad as I thought. She might come in handy one day.
Peace out peoples!

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  1. Hi Winnie,

    Welcome to the DWB! I think you and Lily will become great furiends. I wasn't to happy when my mom brought my little brother home, but most of the time he's fun to have around cause he likes to play tug and rassle.

    Wags & wiggles,