Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Years is a Long Time

Wow, has it been that long? Two years really? Well let me catch you peoples up. First of all my Lady decided to foster some strange dogs. Both have found good homes, thank God, and both are out of my house. I don't like sharing anything, not my house, toys, food, my people. So I'm happy she has not fostered another freeloader in a while!

Second, my oldest boy is now in what the Lady and Man call college. I don't know what college is but they take him somewhere, leave him, and then he comes back several weeks later. I think they are tying to let him know its time to leave the pack. I hope not, I like him.

Third, my Man is trying to break into acting. He has had a small role in a movie, and has done a few commercials. He has an agent now, whatever that is. I hear Lady saying "break a leg" I hope that doesn't happen to my man.

And finally, Lilly and I are both still here. I still love my rubber squeaky toys, Lilly still is a dumb as ever. Here is a new pic of me:

 And here is a new pic of Lilly:

As you can tell we are both couch potatoes. Until next time, peace out peoples!

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