Saturday, June 5, 2010

First let me say....

I'm back. I took a month off to recover from my dental surgery. I feel better, and I'm off all the meds they gave me. I want all my furiends to know, Lilly got that chicken bone out of the trash can, and lady and man know she did it. I was so mad at her for letting me take the heat on that one. You see we were supposed to be working together, her getting the bones out, me eating them. She totally blew it!

And speaking of Lilly, she is all running around here today talking about a birthday party she is going to. I asked her what party. Apparently she has been invited to her friends Abby and Lucy's house, for Abby's 1st birthday. I am going to stay home for this one...a bunch of young pups running around, barking and playing doesn't sound too fun to me. When you get to be my age, you stop counting the years, and just ask for the presents! I'm sure that Lilly will be on here tomorrow telling you all about the party.

On that note, I think its time to do toy inventory!

Great, Lilly has run off with my orange cuz. Peace out peoples!


  1. Hi Girls,

    Sorry to hear about your toofers. Hope you are all better soon. I haven't been blogging much lately cause my mom is too lazy to help me.

    Did you find your cuz?


  2. I hope you get better with your teefies and I hope you get that toy back those are precious!!

    wags and licks