Sunday, May 30, 2010

So Much to Say

Hey furiends...its me Lilly and I wanted to post today. Its been a while since me or Winnie wrote about what we are doing, but let me tell you so much has been going on. Winnie ate a bone last night, and lady got really scared and made her choke up, but then lady said Winnie didn't eat that bone...only crunched it. Then the peoples were wondering who gots the bone out of the trash can, cause Winnie is like so short and I am like tall, but I didn't tell them I did it. Then Winnie was really mad at lady for making her choke up and wouldn't go sit with her in the comfy chair...but thats ok I gots to sit with lady.

Last weekend I gots to go to the doggie park and meet a couple of my doggie furiends Abby and Lucy there. We had lots of fun! Winnie had to stay home cause  lady says she has A-gory-fobia, I think that means she wants to stay home alot. Here are me and Abby and Lucy checkin things out at the park:

And here is one of me in the flower bed just outside the doggie park:

Lady said I was a Lilly in the graden!


  1. Great pic Lilly! AND it looks like fun was had by all! Hope your weekend is fun!

  2. I think that bone just jumped out of the trash can....right? Really good to hear from you girls. I'm glad you had a good time at the park. Maybe you will be able to convince Winnie to go with you sometime. I get pretty nervous at the dog park too so tell Winnie not to feel bad.

  3. It is great to hear from you guys again! watch out for sploding trash it is real!!