Monday, February 22, 2010

Lillyday YAY!!

Hey everybody in blog land. It's me Lilly, and I get to post today.
Oh, boy I gots lots to say. Can you see me from there? Should I get a little closer? OK!

Hows that??? Too close???  Ummm ok, I'll move back some.

There thats better. Now what was I gonna say. Ummmm, I forgot. Lady and Man says I have a short
a-tentshun span. I think that means I forget stuff. Well since I forgot what I had to say, there is only one thing left for me to do.

Sunggle under the covers and take a nap, until I remember what I was gonna say.


  1. Hi Lilly,

    I bet whatever you are going to say will be worth the wait. The suspense is killing me though.


  2. You and Tanner must be related...