Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Life...As Told by My Lady

My name is Winnie. This was the name given to me by the Birmingham Animal Control. Yes people, at one time I was a pound puppy. I was picked up as a stray by the Animal cops of Birmingham, AL. I was scared, skinny, and very much alone.

There was one nice lady there...and she took me to a radio station in Birmingham. The radio station was The Bull and my man worked there for the morning show. The animal control would bring dogs to the show once a week and most of those lucky dogs got adopted.

My man says when I came in I "walked on my side". He said I was the most pityfullest thing he had ever saw. I was trying to be submissive. I was so skinny that I could lay my head on the floor and walk my hind end at the same time.

My man talked to my lady and they called animal control and put me on hold. You see, I had been there for about two weeks and no one came to claim me. That means I was on death row. So my man and lady came to visit me with their dog Bijou. They had to make sure that I got along with her, or they couldn't take me home.

  This is me and Bijou at our house in AL

Me and Bijou got along well. She helped me learn the ropes of living in a house. My lady thinks that I must have been living outside all my life because I was so scared of everything in the house. Did I mention that I was skinny too. I am told that you could see all my bones. I had to be feed puppy food for a few months.

About 3 years ago, my lady, man, and their two boys packed up our stuff and moved us to South Carolina. That's where we live now. I don't like change. Some change is good, and others are not so good. One not so good change is that Bijou went to the Rainbow Bridge last April. I still miss her. That's why we have Lilly now. I am told that she is a good change...whatever people!

Lilly is a resuce dog just like me, but she was not a pound puppy like I was. I am now the "big sister" and I have to teach her the ropes, like no peeing in the house, and no touching my cuz toys! She is learning...although very slowly.

                                                                                      That's me and Lilly
I live the good life and I know it. I have a good family, lots of toys, and my lady cooks my food for me...what more could a dog ask for in life?

Peace out peoples!

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  1. You sure got lucky finding the man and lady, they did a great thing saving your life. As for protecting your Cuz, I can understand, they are the best toys in the world.