Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy (Belated) Turkey Day!

This turkey looks scared dosen't he? BOL!

I am sure most of you had a great Thanksgiving. I read some of my friends blogs and it looks like they got some smashed potatoes, and some turkey from their owners. Yay! I had a great turkey day too! We had the grandmothers over, and one of them is real cool about giving me and Lilly tidbits from her plate. We also had an unexpected guest over, and he gave us the biggest piece of turkey I have ever seen! LOVE you Uncle Bob!

My lady has been really lazy about keeping up my blog with me. She said it was because she had lots to do at work...yeah right lady. Any way, I have decided that my next blog will be all about me and how I came to live with my current family. This blog is about second hand dogs, and that means I am a rescue dog. So, more to come about my background, or what my lady thinks she knows about my background.

I leave you now with one of my favorite pics:

It's a fried turkey!  My man makes the most bestest fried turkey I have ever tasted!
Peace out peoples!

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