Thursday, September 17, 2009

We Don't Run a Bed and Breakfast

So today I was outside doing my usual business, and when I came back in there was a new dog in the house. OMG! We just brought Lilly home and now my lady has let a new dog come and live with us. I was disgusted with the whole idea!
Lilly was like "What new dog? Where?" and I was like over there Lilly just turn around and see for yourself. My lady has gone and bought a new dog, now I have to show another dog just who is boss around here.
Then my lady was like, this is Prissy. She will be staying here for a week while her mom and dad are at the beach.
The last time my lady said somedog was only going to stay a week was Otis the pug (aka Dummy or Odors), and he comes every other week. All I got to say is this is no Doggie Bed and Breakfast lady, this is my house that I have to live in every day. Please quit bringing home strange dogs.
Peace out peoples!

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