Sunday, August 9, 2009

Step One:

So I got the call I have been waiting for all week. I got the call from the Boston Terrier Rescue of North Carolina (BTRNC). I talked to the adoption coordinator there and the phone interview went very well. She seems to think that our home would be a good place for a BT to live. I hope so.

I am getting really excited now, the process is moving. You see I am not a very patient person. I want to see some action! I was having a hard time waiting; I checked my email 2 or 3 times a day, had my cell with me at all times just in case and checked the BTRNC website to see if the dog I wanted had been adopted. Well you know what, she called right when we were out shopping for school supplies; so I let the call go to voice mail. Robb made me wait until I got home to call her back, the drive home took forever!

So now we are waiting on step two, but I think this time the wait will not seem so long. I'm just imagining all those bostie kisses, all the cuddles on the couch, and all the rope tugs this baby will want to play with! Oh! Will they just hurry up and call already!
The pic is of Winnie waiting on Robb to throw her the phish toy.

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