Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturdays and New Toys!

I just love Saturdays! Today the Lady went out with Man and the boys so they could buy me some new squeaky toys. I love squeaky toys! She bought me a hot dog and a chicken leg. So they're not real, but it's fun to pretend!

Here me and Otis Dummy are waiting on the Lady to give me, not him the toys. If he thinks I'm gonna let him play with these new toys he's crazy! He doesn't know how to work them. Just look how dumb he looks, sitting there breathing loud and everything!
OK, so Lady did give him the hot dog, but he will not have it for long, I can promise you that. Look at how he's handling that toy. No common sense at all!

This is me with my chicken leg, right before I attacked Otis Dummy. Lady really got mad at me for that. But guess what, I ended up with both toys when they put Otis Dummy to bed.
Peace out peoples!

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