Friday, August 21, 2009

My Smart Dog

Winnie is a smart dog. Some might disagree on that point with me, but to me she is smart. I can ask her to go get a certain toy, and in a few minutes she will bring me the right one. She has lots of toys. She loves balls, cuz (they are balls with feet that squeak), and several different squeaky toys. Each one has a name. I can say "Winnie go get Bobo!" and she will bring me the long blue doggie that squeaks.

Winnie likes to play with these toys on her back. I have never seen another dog do this. She will lie on her back and hold her toys with her "hands" and look at them.

Here is Winnie with one of her favorite toys Orange Julius. She is deciding if it is worth it to get back up and grab Julius or not!

Its a lot of work being cute, but Winnie is up to the challenge!

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