Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lillyday on Saturday!

Hey all my furiends. It's me Lilly, and I get to post on a Saturday. Can you believe it?
Winnie doesn't please don't tell her. She is in the other room taking "inventory" of all her toys.

So last night the lady and man had some people over for dinner. These were the nicest peoples that I have meet in a while. The guest lady said I could call her momma! Can you believe it? She said that I was the nicerest puppy, and I could go home with her anytime I wanted to. She called me "sugar mama". I don't know what that means, but I liked it a lot.

She held me and petted me till I fell asleep in her arms. What a nice lady she was! Winnie didn't much like them. She went to sleep on her pillow. I guess she was jealous of all the attentshun that I was getting.
Have a great Lillyday everypuppy!

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