Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and a Memory of a Good Friend

It was one year ago that my man and lady had to take my good friend Bijou to the vet. She was very sick, and they had to help her cross over to the bridge. I know that there is a very big hole in my man's heart that no dog will be able to fill. I try my best, and I know that I have helped him heal, but when you lose your best firend the memory of them will never go away. It is on this day that I would like to remember Bijou. We still miss you  Bijou!
 Here are some pics of Bijou in her most favoritest spots to be:

Bijou taking a nap with her man.

Bijou warming by the fire.

So as not to end on a sad note, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Lilly went looking for Easter eggs this morning. All she found was the brown ones, and she didn't share any!

Thats ok...cause I played the Easter bunny this year.

I was the one who laid the brown eggs!
Happy Easter and peace out!

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  1. Hoppy Easter Winnie and Lilly! We hope you can find some sweet treats before the day is over.

    We know your Bijou will always been missed, but not forgotten. She will stay in your heart furever.