Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is what we did today:

This afternoon when Lady came home we went for a walk! How cool is that? It was a nice 65 outside today.

Then since Lady has a new camera, she decided to play with her new toy as she calls it. It doesn't look like any toy I'd want to play with....what with that flashy thingy and all.

Another one of the cute one....me!

Ok Lady, the flash is hurting my eyes now. I know I'm cute and all, but go take some of Lilly.

Lilly says that the black side is her "bad" side. The side of her that does bad things like: pee on the floor, eat poops in the yard, and play with my toys!

The white side is her "good" side. She doesn't use that side of her much!

Ha, ha....very funny Winnie!

Oh my gosh I almost forgot to mention, me and Lilly are offical Pup Scouts! Check out our membership card

If you would like to join visit Captain Crunch & Candy's blog at I Need a Sugar Fix.
Peace out peoples!


  1. Winnie, you were so nice letting your mom take those photos of you. And you never looked more beautiful! You should be careful what you say about Lilly. She might start to tell tales about your dark side ;o)

  2. The dark side sounds like the FUN side to me!!