Tuesday, January 5, 2010

People Vet and New Toys

Ok...so back to me (Winnie) posting. After all this is my blog. It was because of ME that this blog was created.
Not much going on around here to speak of, other than my man went to the people vet today. I think they call it the docktor...or something like that. The people vet told man that he has something called bron-kides. I never heard of that before, but he coughes like he has kennel cough. He came home with a couple of yucky medicines. My lady will hide them in his food to make sure that he takes them all. She does that for me when I'm sick. I hope its not contagious!

 Oh I did get a new toy yesterday. I love getting new squeaky toys! They are my favorites. I have a name for almost all of them. My new one is called Uni (oo-nee).

It's called uni because it looks like a sea urchin. Uni is japanese for sea urchin. My man is very good at coming up with new names for my toys!
Peace out!

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