Monday, January 11, 2010

Lillyday...Do you want to know a secret?

Hey everybody, its me Lilly! Can you see me at the computer thingy??? Guess what!! Its that means its Lillyday! Yay for Lillyday!

I thought that I would report on some of my new family's secrets. So here it goes....

Winnie is scared of a toy! Can you believe that??? The dog who claims to love toys is scared of a toy. Here is a pic of said toy:

It is a M&M nutcracker. It opens it's mouth and out comes M&M candies. What dog would be scared of something that spits out food???
Winnie hides everytime this toy comes out BOL! Here is a pic of her hiding from said toy:

Winnie under the computer desk.

Thats all the dirt...I mean secrets I have for now....until next Lillyday! This is Lilly signing off.


  1. You are pretty darn cute, I guess mondays wont be so bad...but be sure to give control back AFTER monday without a fuss!!

  2. Lilly, I think you are trying to spread rumors about your sister. I can't believe Winnie (part doxie) would be afraid of a silly toy.