Friday, January 1, 2010

Lilly gets to post in 2010!

Happy New Year to all of our friends. This is me Lilly. Look at what I got for Christmas this year:

Can you see me? Yep I got pajamas. They are the bestest pjs in the whole world.  They keep me snugie and warm! I can play and don't have to stay covered up all day to keep warm.

I love my pjs...I love wearing all kinds of clothes like sweaters, and tee shirts. But most of all I love my pjs! Oh no! Here comes Winnie....

OMD! I am sooo sorry that Lilly got a hold of my blog. I don't even know where she found my password! Sorry about that peoples. Anyway here are my new year resloutions:
1. Be nicer to my sister Lilly
2. Share my toys (not gonna happen, Lady made me put this one in)
3. Go on more walks
4. Let Lilly post once a week on my blog. (Must give this one more thought)

Happy New Year from Winnie, and Lilly....the best Second Hand Dogs in the world!
Peace out!


  1. Happy New Year Winnie and Lilly!

    I like your jammies Lilly. Maybe our mom should get some for Banjo. He is always shivering.

    Great resolutions you have there Winnie.


  2. Those are some cute looking PJs you got. I don't mind clothes either, its all about keeping warm!