Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday's Woes

Whew! I'm better now that I've composed myself. So I was telling you about my new bed, and bam, lady tells me that the new bed is for a new boston terrier. Why are we getting a new dog when I'm all the dog anyone needs. Just look how cute I am.

They tell me that we are going to Athens to visit the new dog to see if I can get along with her. Maybe I'll do my sweet growl, you know be nice nasty to her. Maybe she won't like me, OMG! How could anyone not like me? I'm sweet, and cute, and I know how to share my toys (just because I don't share does not mean I don't know how to share). I've been so concerned about me not liking her, I completely forgot she might not like me. Time to compose myself again with some little play: "Squeak, squeak...yes die you little!"
Peace out peoples!

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