Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hey Buddy

So it's Sunday afternoon and I'm tryin to take a nap, and I hear "Psssst, Hey Winnie Buddy...Winnie Buddy...watcha doin?" This is how Otis dummy talks...he calls everyone he knows Buddy. So I told him to go away and leave me alone, and let me finish my nap.

So he says "I will wait right here on the step for you Winnie you know where Lilly Buddy is?"

I tell him she is in the bed trying to take a nap too. Apparently Lilly can sleep through anything like blankets being pulled off of her, and a bright light in her face...even Otis being a pest.

Peace out Peoples!


  1. Peace out to you as well! :)

    We are slacking through a lazy Sunday too...

  2. ah Otis sounds like my little brother the Doofus!!